TSMC to subsidize employees to buy company shares

Asian Tech Press (Apr. 19) -- TSMC is considering subsidizing employees to buy company shares so that they can share the fruits of its operations.

TSMC confirmed on Tuesday that the company is discussing subsidizing employees to buy the company's shares, mainly in the hope that employee compensation will be more diversified and that employees will be able to share the fruits of the company's operations.

The Taiwan-based semiconductor maker said the subsidy rate and other related details are still pending a board resolution.

In order to allow employees' salaries and benefits to grow with the company, TSMC has not only adjusted its salary structure in recent years, increasing fixed salaries by 20%, and issuing shares of new employee restricted stock to senior executives and key talent.

TSMC's annual report has also previously revealed that the company requires senior executives to have certain shareholdings.

The related information has led the industry to believe that it may be a potential momentum for TSMC's stock price to rise in the future.

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