TikTok owner ByteDance teams up with Qualcomm to build XR ecosystem

Asian Tech Press (Mar. 2) -- TikTok owner ByteDance Ltd. and Qualcomm announced during the MWC 2022 that they will collaborate on XR devices and software to develop a global XR ecosystem.

Last year, ByteDance acquired VR headset maker Pico for $5 billion. Following the deal with the U.S. chipmaker, ByteDance's subsequent Pico XR products will use the Snapdragon Spaces, a XR developer platform developed by Qualcomm.

"We are very pleased to work with Qualcomm on hardware, software and technology routes to develop an ecosystem for Pico, and are looking forward to our future Pico devices with the Snapdragon Spaces XR developer platform," said Rubo Liang, CEO of ByteDance.

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