Tesla says reports of Shanghai plant suspension 'not entirely accurate'

Asian Tech Press (Dec 26) -- Tesla said reports of suspension at its Shanghai plant are "not entirely accurate."

Earlier multiple reports said Tesla suspended production at its Shanghai plant from Dec. 24, and workers were told they could start their vacations.

Year-end shutdowns are not a usual practice at Tesla's Shanghai plant, which maintained normal operations during the last week of December last year.

However, Barron's said that car companies usually take breaks during the holidays, citing examples of production shutdowns at some General Motors and Ford plants.

Tesla China told the Global Times on Sunday, "The Shanghai plant remains efficient in production and excellent in output in 2022."

"The full vehicle production is on schedule next week for the annual production line maintenance work, while the workers have worked hard for a year, so they are also taking a staff break during the production line maintenance," the company said.

Tesla added, "The charging pile and other workshops are not offline, and media claims of factory shutdowns are not entirely accurate."

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