Tesla advancing FSD rollout in China

Asian Tech Press (Nov 23) -- Tesla China said on Thursday that it is pushing ahead with the launch of its Full Self-Driving (FSD) feature in China.

Tesla China's official website has recently updated the owner's manual to include FSD Beta-related content, signaling that FSD will soon land in China.

Taking the new Tesla Model 3 as an example, the optional FSD costs 64,000 yuan, which can realize the functions of recognizing and reacting to traffic signals and stop signs, and assisting driving automatically on city streets.

As a matter of fact, Tesla has made a lot of preparations before in order to launch FSD in China.

In 2021, Tesla established a data center in Shanghai. The company said it stored all data coming out of its China operations entirely within the country to comply with regulatory requirements.

In addition, Tesla has set up an FSD operations team as well as a data labeling team in Shanghai, and has sent engineers from its headquarters to do training.

Last week, China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (miit), Ministry of Transport (MOT) and other two departments jointly issued a document, allowing the L3/L4 intelligent connected vehicles with mass production conditions to carry out on-road pilots in limited areas.

On this background, Tesla's FSD landing in China seems to enter the countdown stage.

And to this, Tesla China responded on Thursday, "It is indeed in progress at present."

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