Tencent's Honor of Kings accused of poster plagiarism

Asian Tech Press (Apr. 22) -- Tencent's flagship game Honor of Kings released a poster that has been accused of plagiarism.

NetEase's mobile game "For All Time" said on China's Twitter-alike Weibo on Thursday, accusing Tencent's "Honor of Kings" of plagiarizing its poster. Tencent and NetEase are two major game companies in the Asian country.

The allegedly plagiarized image is a video cover released on social media platforms by "Honor of Kings" on April 14.

Tencent and the operating team of "Honor of Kings" have not responded to the matter. And its design supplier Fullspeed responded, "The company is urgently investigating the actual situation of the design creation and will make a full explanation as soon as possible."

Fullspeed issued an announcement on Friday denying the plagiarism, and said that the company's art designers' creative ideas and inspirations were "derived from and referenced the promotional materials already released by 'Honor of Kings'."

Founded in 2015, the Hangzhou Fullspeed Network Technology Co. is a creative design and digital solutions provider that has established partnerships with leading companies such as Alibaba, Netease and Tencent.

"Honor of Kings" suffered the same allegations last October, when its IP-derived game "Codename: Zero Three" was also allegedly copied from miHoYo's flagship video game "Genshin Impact".

According to Sensor Tower's Store Intelligence platform, Tencent's "Honor of Kings" absorbed approximately $272.4 million in the App Store and Google Play worldwide in March 2022, reigning as the best-selling global mobile game, up 5.8% YoY.

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