Tencent says it has sufficient chip inventory for AI model development

Asian Tech Press (Nov 16) -- Chinese social media and gaming giant Tencent Holdings Ltd. (0700.HK) on Wednesday said it has sufficient chip inventory for the development of its large language AI model.

Tencent embraced artificial intelligence and launched Hunyuan, a universal large language model (LLM), in early September this year.

At present, the language model has been accessed by more than 180 items of business at Tencent for internal testing.

Tencent President Martin Lau said during an earnings call on Wednesday that the company has enough chips to support several generations of Hunyuan updates.

"In terms of the current chip situation, we actually have one of the largest inventories of AI chips of any vendor in China," Lau said.

He also revealed that Tencent was the first company to order Nvidia H800 chips.

"That gives us a pretty good inventory of H800 chips, so we have enough chips to continue developing Hunyuan for at least several generations," Lau added.

Tencent claimed that America's chip ban hasn't really affected Hunyuan's development or its AI capabilities in the short term.

However, the company said it will also need to improve the efficiency of its chip usage in the future, with high-performance chips focused on AI training.

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