Tencent-based top video live-streaming platforms face off in court over unfair competition

Two Chinese top video live-streaming platforms, Douyu and HUYA face off in court over unfair competition. The lawsuit has started on March 29.

According to Tianyancha, a platform providing Chinese enterprise information, DouYu International Holdings Ltd. (Nasdaq: DOYU) sues HUYA Inc. (NYSE: HUYA) for an unfair competition issue.

The ruling shows that Wuhan-based Douyu appealed that the case was an unfair competition issue caused by Guangzhou-based HUYA’s malicious employee raiding.

Xiao Wang, a well-known former LoL pro. player and game anchor, during his contract period with Douyu, jumped ship to work with its rival HUYA. On 20 Feb. 2019, Douyu said on Weibo to officially sue Mr. Xiao for its jumping ship to HUYA. The case is under the jurisdiction of the Wuhan Intermediate People’s Court in Hubei Province, China.

Since a few years ago , it has been rumored that two video live-streaming giants would merge with the help of Tencent. Tencent is the largest shareholder of Douyu, with 40% of the shares. At present, Tencent also holds a 50.1% stake in HUYA, becoming its new owner after several rounds of investments.



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