Sony plans to put ads in PlayStation games

Asian Tech Press (Apr. 21) -- Japanese gaming giant Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) is testing with ad-tech partners to put ads in PlayStation games, and the related project is expected to start by the end of this year.

Sony's gaming subsidiary is planning to implant ads in PlayStation games by developing new software, similar to Microsoft's plan to place ads in Xbox games. The idea is to increase profitability channels and encourage developers to continue developing free-to-play games, Sony said.

PlayStation's advertising business is currently limited to in-menu ads, which allow game publishers to advertise in the store to promote their own games. Sony also placed ads to users who play streaming video on PlayStation consoles through apps such as Disney's Hulu.

The new initiative to run ads in PlayStation games is expected to launch in late 2022 and, Somy will market the advertising business to customers.

Sony expects ads to be integrated into games, such as on billboards in the game's virtual stadium, either in the form of rewards for users who watch the ads or game props such as character skins for marketing.

The Tokyo-based gaming giant has not yet decided whether it will take a cut of ad revenue, but it is also considering charging developers and publishers for user activity data on PlayStation.

Actually, Sony began discussing how to develop a PlayStation advertising program shortly after it released its latest generation PS5 consoles 18 months ago.

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