SK plans to co-invest with Qualcomm to take the initiative in the AI chip market

Asian Tech Press (Jan 06) -- According to The Korea Herald, SK and Qualcomm will discuss joint investment in artificial intelligence (AI) chips to take the initiative in the booming, environmentally friendly and low-power AI chip market.

SK Hynix, SK Telecom and Qualcomm plan to jointly invest in developing quality AI chips, SK Hynix's co-CEO revealed at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), "I will talk to Qualcomm to get them on board. "

SK Telecom's Sapeon is the first independently developed AI chip in Korea, consuming 20 percent less power but calculating 1.5 times faster than a conventional GPU and most importantly almost 50 percent cheaper. SK Telecom currently commissions TSMC to manufacture Sapeon chips and uses them for the company's business.

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