Samsung to apply EV battery technique to smartphone production

Asian Tech Press (Apr. 21) -- Samsung SDI Co Ltd (6400.KS), battery subsidiary of South Korea's Samsung Group, is planning to apply its electric vehicle (EV) battery technique to smartphone production.

The Korean battery maker is now working to apply the stacking method used in the production of Gen 5 EV batteries to smartphone batteries.

The technology is said to increase the range and reduce the cost of electric vehicles by increasing energy density.

Now the stacking technique is being used in smartphones and tablets with mainly small batteries, and will give a huge boost to the range of these devices.

Samsung SDI will first adopt the technology on its M Line at its Cheonan plant in South Korea. According to sources, the company has also established a pilot line at its Tianjin plant in China, using the stacking technique for production.

It is said that Samsung SDI's such a move may be to win orders from Apple again.

Samsung SDI's new battery technology is expected to create a thinner, lighter and higher-capacity smartphone.

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