Samsung sued for alleged performance limits in Galaxy S22 series

Asian Tech Press (Mar. 9) --Samsung Electronics may be hit with some consumer claims for forcing the Game Optimizing Service (GOS) system application to run on its Galaxy S22 series flagship phones.

The Korean smartphone maker was previously revealed to have pre-installed the system application on its Galaxy series smartphones, but users who wanted to run high-computing games could use a paid app to force it to turn off.

However, the Galaxy S22 series models were forced to carry the built-in game optimizing app with the One UI 4.0 update, and users could not continue to use the paid app to turn it off.

Some consumers with a high demand for computing power were unhappy with this and claimed that they were deceived by the false advertising of the Galaxy S22 phones. And those who intend to file a class action lawsuit have created an online community to recruit plaintiffs and set the claim for each plaintiff at 300,000 won (approximately $243).

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