Samsung hires former Intel technical expert to lead systems architecture lab in U.S.

Asian Tech Press (Apr. 14) -- Samsung Electronics hired a former Intel technical expert to lead its systems architecture lab in the U.S.

Robert Wisniewski will serve as senior vice president, chief architect of high-performance computing (HPC) and head of the U.S. systems architecture lab at Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT).

According to Wisniewski's LinkedIn profile, he began working at U.S. chipmaker Intel in 2012 and left in April this year, serving as Intel's SuperCompute Software, Aurora technical leader and principal investigator.

Before joining Intel, the technical expert had worked at IBM Research for nearly 15 years as a chief software architect and research scientist.

"I'm excited to join Samsung SAIT on the mission to create a US-based systems lab," Wisniewski wrote on his LinkedIn page, "We'll be focusing on overcoming the memory and communication walls for AI and HPC applications and looking at these challenges from a system perspective."

Samsung has continued to invest more resources and recruit global talent, aiming to overtake TSMC in 2030 to become the world's largest foundry.

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