Nvidia delays launch of China-focused new AI chip H20 until Q1 2024, Reuters reports

Asian Tech Press (Nov 24) -- U.S. chip giant Nvidia has delayed the launch of its new artificial intelligence chip H20, built specifically for the Chinese market, until the first quarter of next year, according to Reuters.

Nvidia has informed its Chinese customers of the news, the report said on Friday, citing people familiar with the matter.

Consulting firm SemiAnalysis previously said that Nvidia, in compliance with new U.S. export restrictions, has developed three new AI chips for the Chinese market, namely the H20, L20, and L2. Among them, the H20 is the most powerful one.

As per SemiAnalysis, Nvidia had originally expected to launch the three AI chips as early as November 16th.

But now sources say that Nvidia has delayed the launch of the H20 to the first quarter of next year, possibly in February or March, due to issues server makers were having in integrating the chip.

In addition, the chipmaker will launch the L20 as originally planned, the sources said, although they did not disclose information about the status of the L2.

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