Nvidia CEO meets TSMC CEO to discuss AI chip supply constraints

Asia Tech Wire (Jan 26) -- Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang visited Taiwan this week after a trip to mainland China, where he met with TSMC CEO C. C. Wei to discuss artificial intelligence (AI) chip supply constraints.

According to Taiwan's Economic Daily News, Jensen Huang attended a year-end party hosted by Nvidia's Taiwan branch on Thursday evening.

Before attending the event, he said that AI is now at the beginning of its expansion and growth, and that the next decade will see computing reshaped and every industry affected.

As for the challenges facing the development of AI, Huang believes it is how to expand the capacity of AI chips.

He said supply of Nvidia's products is tight, but demand is strong, so the company is also actively working with TSMC and other supply chain partners to try to meet demand.

Huang, who plans to leave Taiwan on Thursday, had dinner on Wednesday with TSMC founder Morris Chang, and TSMC CEO C. C. Wei, among others.

He disclosed that during his meeting with Wei, he talked about the huge demand for Nvidia's products and working together to meet the market demand.

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