No layoffs, Baidu says it's a normal workforce optimization

Asian Tech Press (Feb 25) -- Chinese search engine giant Baidu Inc. have reportedly started layoffs of 10%-15% in its several business lines.

According to Chinese media reports, Baidu's layoffs involved grassroots, middle-level, and high-level employees, and some departments did not have severance payment issued on the principle of "N+1".

Baidu started its first round of layoffs in December last year. At that time, the focus was on the Mobile Ecological Business Group (MEG), where the overall layoff ratio was 50%.

Nearly 300 people in the gaming department were completely wiped out, and the live broadcast business was laid off by 90%. And reduction of staff in the education business line were unknown.

The company's second round of layoffs began in January this year. It was first reported by Baidu's infrastructure department. Some Baidu employees were dissatisfied with the lack of "N+1" compensation, and also sent the negotiation recordings to the department.

According to China's Labor Contract Law and relevant regulations, "N+1" refers to the way the employer pays economic compensation, "N" is the number of years the employee has worked at the company, and "+1" is an additional month's salary paid.

In response, Baidu said, "There is no layoff, just a normal flow and optimization of staff in the company. If the performance of employees is unqualified for a long time, they may face optimization."

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