Nintendo unveils sequel to classic Wii Sports games
(Image source: Nintendo)

Asian Tech Press (Feb 10) -- Japanese video game company Nintendo Co Ltd unveiled the sequel to its classic video game "Wii Sports" at its online launch event "Nintendo Direct" on Thursday.

Called "Nintndo Switch Sports", the sequel is expected to hit stores on April 29.

As a new iteration of the Wii Sports series, Nintndo Switch Sports will include six sports, namely volleyball, bowling, chambara, tennis, badminton, and soccer, and plans to add a seventh sport golf for free this fall, and additional leg strap accessory to play a soccer shootout this summer.

In terms of gameplay, the new game also uses the Switch's detachable Joy-Con controllers, allowing players to directly simulate the movements of these sports.

The company also said, "In Nintendo Switch Sports, you'll have plenty of different, all-new customization options for the Sportsmates seen in the trailer. In addition to the Sportsmates, you'll also still be able to select and play as your Mii character!"

(Image source: Twitter @NintendoAmerica)

Registration for the free online beta of "Nintendo Switch Sports" will open on February 15 and the beta will run from February 18-20 and is available only to Nintendo Switch Online members.

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