Microsoft-Activision acquisition won't spark serious competition in China, game developers say

Asian Tech Press (Feb 2) -- Chinese game developers don't think Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard will spark serious competition in China, sources said.

Microsoft announced its $68.7 billion acquisition of U.S. game developer Activision Blizzard in January last year, the largest merger in gaming history. If it goes through, Microsoft will become the second largest game developer and change the competitive landscape of the entire market.

The acquisition is so important that the U.S. and the EU are under strict antitrust scrutiny, and there is no shortage of opposition. By contrast, Microsoft's acquisition may have gone better than expected in China's antitrust review.

In feedback to regulators, Chinese game development companies said they don't think Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard will cause serious competition problems, and that Activision has a small market share in the country, according to the latest news.

Although the news did not mention the specific companies expressing this attitude, but the Chinese game giants are no more than Tencent, NetEase, miHoYo, etc. These companies focus on the field of mobile games, while Activision is mainly in the console and PC platforms, there is really not much direct competition in the country.

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