Hyundai takes 2nd place in U.S. EV market in first three quarters

Asian Tech Press (Nov 13) -- South Korea's Hyundai Motor Group has secured the second largest share of the U.S. electric vehicle market, according to U.S. newspaper Automotive News.

U.S. electric vehicle registrations in the first three quarters of the year rose 61% year-over-year to 852,904 units, Automotive News noted in a report.

By brand, Tesla came in first with 489,454 registrations, or 57.4% of the U.S. electric vehicle market.

Following it were Chevrolet (50,160 registrations, 5.9%), Ford (46,547 registrations, 5.5%), and Hyundai (40,612 registrations, 4.8 %).

And Kia ranked ninth with 23,304 registrations, representing a 2.7% share.

As a result, the two carmakers of the Hyundai Motor Group ranked second with a total of 63,916 registrations and a combined share of 7.5%, respectively.

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