Google resumes cooperation with Honor, Honor 50 series will be equipped with GMS

Asian Tech Press (OCT 12) -- Chinese phone maker Honor announced on Twitter that Honor has resumed its cooperation with Google and will carry Google Mobile Services (GMS) and its application ecosystem in the Honor 50 series.

This also indicates that, after Honor announced earlier this year that it had obtained Qualcomm, MediaTek and other chip makers in the supply chain, it has also obtained Google's support in software services.

Previously, after the split with Huawei, the crisis from the supply chain caused Honor to suffer a heavy setback in overseas business, and according to Honor CEO Zhao Ming's disclosure, Honor's share in overseas markets was once close to 0.

For Honor, it is crucial to get Google's GMS license. Some developers said that if the new smartphones can't pre-install GMS, there will be a significant impact on the European and Asian users who highly rely on Google's services.

It is worth mentioning that the Honor 50, which Google GMS authorized, belongs to the mid-range model of Honor, and its chip is Qualcomm Xiaolong M778G chip with TSMC 6nm process.

Honor was once a Huawei-owned brand based in Shenzhen, China, and was sold in November 2020 due to U.S. tech restrictions. On November 17, 2020, Huawei Investment Holdings Co. announced the sale of the total assets of its Honor cell phone business. Honor's senior management and team will remain stable, and Huawei will no longer hold any shares in Honor after the sale and won't participate in business management and decision-making.

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