Geely's premium EV brand Zeekr unveils third model, dubbed 'ZEEKR X'

Asian Tech Press (Feb 3) -- Zeekr, Chinese automotive group Geely's premium electric vehicle brand, has unveiled its third model, naming it the "ZEEKR X".

Zeekr unveiled the name and exterior design of its third model on Friday, a new vehicle called ZEEKR X, not ZEEKR 3 as previously speculated by the public.

The ZEEKR X is an A-class pure electric SUV based on Zeekr's smart mobility platform SEA-M architecture, also known as Geely's Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA), featuring an exterior design by a team led by design guru Stefan Sielaff.

Notably, the new vehicle also features a door handle-less design and a bezel-less exterior rearview mirror.

As Zeekr's third vehicle after 001 and 009, it changes the car brand's previous naming convention with numbers. According to an official statement, "X" represents infinity and is the beginning of unlocking all great equations.

In 2022, Zeekr, which still has only the Zeekr 001 in its delivery portfolio, sold 71,941 units in the year, opening the way for the brand in the luxury electric car market.

Andy An Conghui, chief executive officer of Zeekr, said earlier this year that the company aims to double its sales to about 140,000 units by 2023, and plans to expand its sales in Europe.

Clearly, the compact, high-performance and lower-positioned ZEEKR X is better for going overseas as a global model than the higher-positioned Zeekr 001 and 009, and could be a major growth driver for the company's sales.

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