Faraday Future says it has faced death threats amid fundraising efforts

Asian Tech Press (Sep 23) -- California-based EV maker Faraday Future (NASDAQ:FFIE) has faced death threats while raising money.

Faraday Future Intelligent Electric Inc. (NASDAQ:FFIE), also known as FF, said in a statement Thursday that certain executives and directors of the company faced death threats and a misinformation campaign as they tried to raise money for the production of its first product, the FF 91 luxury EV.

The statement came after FF Top Holding LLC, one of Faraday Future's major shareholders, filed a lawsuit Monday at the Delaware Court of Chancery alleging that the EV startup's "current board has driven the company into the ground" since its merger with a special purpose acquisition company earlier this year.

FF Top has an over 20% stake in Faraday Future and about 36% voting rights.

In a statement, Faraday said the company continues to pursue financing options for its flagship FF 91 electric vehicle, but "a misinformation campaign of completely baseless allegations" has impacted the fundraising efforts.

The startup said it hired an independent law firm to conduct a thorough independent external investigation into the allegations against its executives and directors, but found them to be "without merit."

Faraday Future said the allegations are still ongoing and that "threats that began with lawsuits have escalated to threats of physical violence and even death threats."

The company said it is referring the threats to the appropriate law enforcement authorities, including the FBI and SEC, as well as the Department of Justice and international agencies.

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