Cristiano Ronaldo faces $1 billion class-action lawsuit over Binance NFTs

National Business Wire (Dec 1) -- Portuguese soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is facing a $1 billion class action lawsuit over Binance NFTs.

The plaintiffs filed the class action lawsuit on Monday in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida, alleging that Ronaldo's promotion of Binance was "deceptive and unlawful."

The plaintiffs allege that Binance's association with prominent figures such as Ronaldo resulted in their costly and unsafe investments.

And the plaintiffs are seeking at least $1 billion in damages from Ronaldo for his role in promoting cryptocurrency-related Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) issued by cryptocurrency exchange Binance to his millions of fans.

According to ABC News, Ronaldo's representatives declined to comment on the matter Thursday, while the embattled Binance had no comment.

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