Chinese gaming market reaches $2.75 bln in November, down 19.23%, report says

Asian Tech Press (Dec 28) -- Chinese gaming market reached 19.168 billion yuan ($2.75 billion) in November, down 19.23% year-on-year, a report said.

Gamma Data (CNG), a leading Chinese research institute specializing in video games, released a report on Wednesday showing that China's gaming market reached 19.168 billion yuan in November 2022, with growth rates dropping back to -3.04% quarter-on-quarter and 19.23% year-on-year.

The report points out that the market size dropped slightly year-on-year due to factors such as the intensive release of flow in October and the reduction of gaming and paid hours in November.

CNG analyzed that, in terms of terminals, the client terminal is the main source of the month-on-month decline in chinese gaming market, while the year-on-year decline is mainly due to the impact of mobile terminals.

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