China's Xpeng kicks off pre-orders for two new EVs in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands

Asian Tech Press (Feb 3) -- Chinese automaker Xpeng Inc. has kicked off pre-orders for two new electric cars in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands.

The new G9 electric SUV and P7 sports sedan are now available for pre-order in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands, Xpeng said in a statement Friday.

Both models are currently on display at eCar Expo in Stockholm, Sweden, from Feb. 3 to Feb. 5. Deliveries of the Xpeng P7 will begin in June and deliveries of the Xpeng G9 will begin in September.

The all-electric Xpeng P7 sports sedan began shipping to Norway in August 2021, and the model is undergoing a mid-life refresh. While the exterior remains the same, the automaker said the new Xpeng P7 has a longer range, faster charging, and a new interior design.

The Xpeng G9, an all-electric mid-sized luxury SUV, is the Chinese EV startup's fourth production model, and has debuted in the Chinese market last September.

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