China's Hainan Airlines continues flights to Tel Aviv amid Hamas-Israel conflict

Asian Tech Press (Oct 10) -- A number of airlines have announced that they are canceling flights to Israel this week after a new round of military clashes between Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas.

However, China's Hainan Airlines continues to operate flights to Israel.

The Chinese airline currently operates three direct flights to Israel: Beijing-Tel Aviv, Shanghai-Tel Aviv, and Shenzhen-Tel Aviv, with two round-trip flights per week on each route.

Hainan Airlines announced on Monday that in order to maximize the protection of normal travel of passengers, it will continue to execute its flight plan for Israel, and will not make any adjustments for the time being.

Hainan Airlines said it will pay close attention to changes in the security situation overseas, carefully assess the security risk, adjust the flight plan dynamically and announce it at the first time.

The company's management revealed that after October 7 there have been many Chinese in Israel want to return to their home country, as well as some Chinese passengers still choose to go to Israel.

For Chinese passengers, in addition to direct flights back to China, there are still some transit flights back to China through the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, etc. However, some major European and American carriers have suspended direct flights to Tel Aviv.

Just on Sunday, United Airlines, Delta Air Lines and American Airlines issued statements saying they were suspending direct flights to Tel Aviv.

United Airlines said in a statement that while there were still two flights from Israel to the U.S. on the evening of the 7th and earlier on the 8th, the route has now been suspended until conditions allow for the resumption of flights.

Delta Air Lines said it is closely monitoring the situation so it can adjust its flight schedule as needed, but it has canceled all of its flights to Israel this week.

In addition, international carriers such as Air France, Lufthansa, Emirates, Ryanair, and Wizz Air have also temporarily canceled flights to Tel Aviv.

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