China's Foreign Ministry says no ban on iPhones and other foreign brand phones in China
Apple Store in Changsha, China.

Asian Tech Press (Sep 13) -- China's Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday that there is no ban on the purchase and use of foreign brand phones such as Apple's iPhone in China.

"China has not issued laws, regulations or policy documents banning the purchase and use of foreign brand phones such as Apple's," Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning said when asked at Wednesday's regular press conference, according to Reuters.

"But recently we did notice that lots of media exposure of security incidents related to Apple phones," she added. "The Chinese government attaches great importance to information and cybersecurity and treats domestic and foreign companies equally."

The spokesperson said China expects all phone companies to strictly abide by Chinese laws and regulations and strengthen information security management.

On September 6, it was reported that China had expanded its restrictions on iPhones, ordering staff at some central government agencies not to use iPhones and other foreign brand devices at work.

After the news, Apple closed the day at $182.91 per share, down 3.58%, its biggest single-day decrease since August 4th.

Apple unveiled its latest iPhone 15 series of phones on Tuesday, sparking a buzz in China.

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