China's Baidu sells Ethereum-based NFTs

Asian Tech Press (Nov 16) -- Chinese search engine giant Baidu Inc. on Tuesday launched an Ethereum-based NFT project called DuDu.

The NFT prooject takes DUDU bear, Baidu's largest IP and famous mascot, as the main image, including 10,000 NFTs with different patterns, each with a starting price of 0.02 Ether.

After the sale, holders of these NFTs can make secondary transactions on NFT exchanges such as OpenSea and OKX.

With this, Baidu became the first Chinese Internet giant to cast its official image as NFT on a public blockchain network and also the first to operate and sell NFTs overseas.

In China, Baidu did not participate in the creation of digital works, but was mainly responsible for sales. In overseas markets, however, the company has become a creator, leaving the role of a platform to open marketplaces such as OpenSea.

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