China contributes 22.27% of Tesla's revenue in 2022

Asian Tech Press (Feb 1) -- China contributed about a revenue of $18.1 billion, or 22.27%, to Tesla Inc. in 2022.

According to the latest SEC filing, Tesla disclosed that its total revenue in 2022 was $81.462 billion, an increase of 51% year-over-year.

Specifically, Tesla achieved revenue of $18.145 billion, or 22.27%, in China and $40.553 billion, or 49.78%, in the U.S. Outside of the two key markets, Tesla's revenue in 2022 from other regions worldwide accounted for 27.75%.

Notably, Tesla's share of revenue from the Chinese market has declined, with the figure standing at about 26% in 2021.

And Tesla's 2022 revenue in China also lags behind its overall growth. The electric car company generated 31.07% more revenue in 2022 in China than the $13.844 billion in 2021, which is lower than a 69.09% increase in the U.S. market and a 42.22% increase in other markets.

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