ByteDance denies plans for developing games similar to "Genshin Impact"
(Image source: Genshin Impact)

Asian Tech Press (Feb 21) -- ByteDance Ltd., parent company of the most popular non-gaming app worldwide TikTok, denied Monday that there are plans to develop a product similar to video game "Genshin Impact".

Chinese media reported on Monday that ByteDance's gaming unit Nuverse is planning to develop a 3D open-world game similar to "Genshin Impact" to counter the competitive pressure that game brings.

"Genshin Impact", developed by Chinese gaming company miHoYo, is a phenomenal game product in the past two years, with global revenue of over $1.8 billion last year and MAUs staying above 10 million, and is extremely popular and money-making.

As a 3D open world game, "Genshin Impact" attracts a large number of teenage players, and statistics show that the game has about 60% of players under 21 years old, including a large number of players aged under 18.

The success of "Genshin Impact" has also made whether other game makers will follow "replica" become an ongoing topic of discussion in the gaming industry.

In response, the person in charge of relevant business at Nuverse said that the information is not true and there is no plan to develop a product similar to "Genshin Impact".

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