Binance customer charges Chongqing police with illegal account freeze

Asian Tech Press (Jan 31) -- A Binance customer complained on Chinese social media platforms that Chongqing police had illegally frozen his account.

A man surnamed Jin, posted on Chinese social media platforms on Tuesday that it has been more than six months since he found that he could not log into his account on cryptocurrency exchange Binance on July 12, 2022, which is still in a frozen state.

According to the US-based customer, Binance, the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange, cooperated with police in Chongqing's Qianjiang district to implement the account freeze despite not operating in China.

The man said Chongqing police accused his Binance account of allegedly receiving funds related to cybercrime activities they were investigating.

However, the Binance customer suffering from an account freeze did not state why Binance cooperated with the Chinese police. At the same time, the cryptocurrency exchange did not provide a detailed explanation for the freezing of the account.

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