Baidu's driverless taxi service platform wins over 300,000 orders in six months

Asian Tech Press (Mar. 8) --Chinese search engine giant Baidu Inc. has announced that Apollo Go, its driverless taxi service platform, has won over 300,000 orders in six months.

During Apollo Day held on Tuesday, Baidu's smart driving unit Apollo demonstrated for the first time to the public the technical strength of its robotaxi fleet to deal with complex road scenarios in China via a live broadcast link.

Wang Yunpeng, vice president and general manager of autonomous driving technology at Baidu, said that Baidu Apollo's autonomous test miles have exceeded 25 million kilometers, and will rely on the technical accumulation of driverlessness, 5G Tele-Chauffeur and vehicle-road coordination to realize a technical route suitable for China's complex urban road conditions in 2022, and quickly seize the high ground of China's self-driving technology.

Meanwhile, Baidu's Apollo Go robotaxi service has seen the number of vehicles, site density and order density grow by more than 50% within six months of demonstration test of manned taxi operation, with a peak of 28 orders completed per day on a single vehicle.

In the fourth quarter of 2021, the number of manned taxi order for Apollo Go reached 213,000, nearly doubling from the previous year, and getting more than 300,000 orders in the third and fourth quarters.

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