Baidu loses its throne as China's top desktop search engine

Asian Tech Press (May 22) -- Microsoft's Bing has replaced China's homegrown Baidu as China's number one desktop search engine, the latest data shows.

StatCounter data shows that in April 2023, Bing reached a record 37.4% share of the desktop search engine market in China, formally replacing Baidu as the country's number one desktop search engine.

Baidu's market share dropped to 27.01%, a gap of 10 percentage points from Microsoft's Bing.

In the Chinese desktop search engine market, the third to sixth places are Sogou, Yandex, Haosuo and Google, which account for 16.36%, 7.45%, 6.25% and 5.2% respectively.

In fact, Baidu has been the largest player in the Chinese search engine market since May 2009, holding the lion's share of the market. According to StatCounter, in November 2021, Baidu represented 86.82%.

However, since then, Baidu's search engine business has continued to lose market share. In April this year, it even lost out to outsider Bing in the Chinese desktop search engine market.

In contrast, Bing's market share has been growing slowly over the past year, hitting a record high in April and overtaking Baidu

Microsoft introduced ChatGPT, the world's most popular artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot, to Bing in February this year, attracting a large number of users who desired to experience the new feature.

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