Baidu blocks government-run China Judgement Online website by mistake

Asian Tech Press (Feb 21) -- Government-run China Judgement Online website was suspected to be blocked by Chinese search engine giant Baidu Inc. on Monday.

In response, Baidu said, "The technical team mistakenly operated when dealing with other issues, there are some bugs, and have been repaired, taking effect later."

As of press time, the problem has been repaired, and users can search the site through Baidu.

The China Judgement Online website is a unified public platform for the national courts' judgment documents established by the Supreme People's Court of the People's Republic of China in 2013, and one of the three major platforms for judicial disclosure in China.

The platform unifies the publication of effective adjudication documents of people's courts at all levels. To date, the total number of documents on the website exceeds 129.85 million, with a total of nearly 81 billion visits.

Baidu is the most commonly used search engine by in China, with hundreds of millions of searches completed daily on the platform. It is also the world's largest Chinese search engine, with 800 million Chinese web pages available for query.

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